How Does an Oil Change Benefit Your Car?

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There are a few maintenance responsibilities that are just assumed when it comes to car ownership. One of those is the oil change. However, do you know why an oil change is necessary? You might be surprised to learn that there’s more to it than you might think.

How Does an Oil Change Benefit Your Car?

Here are a few ways an oil change benefits your car:

  • Lubrication: One of engine oil’s main purposes is to lubricate different engine parts, like bearings, camshafts, and pistons. Particle contamination and the deterioration of oil over time decrease its efficacy. Frequent oil changes lower friction and minimize wear and tear on critical components by keeping the engine lubricated regularly.
  • Temperature Control: Through heat dissipation from combustion, engine oil helps control the engine’s temperature. Oil loses its capacity to effectively control heat as it ages. Clean, fresh oil is better at absorbing and transferring heat from the engine, reducing the risk of overheating and possible harm to important parts.
  • Engine Cleanliness: Engine oil removes impurities, grime, and debris, ensuring the engine stays clean. It does this by collecting particles and suspending them in the oil filter as it flows through the engine. Oil changes keep these deposits and sludge from accumulating, which makes the engine cleaner and more effective.
  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: A properly oiled engine runs more smoothly, which enhances fuel efficiency. Better gas mileage results from the engine having to work less to reduce friction. Ignoring oil changes might result in higher fuel usage and reduced fuel efficiency over time.
  • Extended Engine Life: Maintaining the right temperature and lubricant lengthens the engine’s lifespan. Frequent oil changes help your car last longer by preventing corrosion, wear and tear on the engine, and other issues.
  • Enhanced Performance: An engine that has had regular maintenance runs at its best, offering smoother running, increased acceleration, and greater overall driving performance. Performing routine oil changes on your vehicle is an easy yet efficient method to keep it running at peak performance.
  • Lower Emissions: Fuel burns more efficiently in an engine that is well-lubricated and clean, which lowers emissions. By reducing the amount of dangerous pollutants released, oil changes help to create a cleaner atmosphere.