Warning Signs That Your Vehicle’s Oxygen Sensor Is Failing

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The engine and emissions control system of a car depend heavily on the oxygen sensor, sometimes referred to as the O2 sensor. To optimize the air-fuel mixture, it keeps an eye on the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases and feeds that information back to the engine control module (ECM). When an oxygen sensor starts to malfunction, it can cause several problems that can impact the vehicle’s functionality, emissions, and fuel economy.

Warning Signs That Your Vehicle’s Oxygen Sensor Is Failing

The following are indications that an oxygen sensor is failing and the reasons you shouldn’t disregard them:

  • Check Engine Light (CEL): The dashboard “check engine” light coming on is one of the most typical indicators that an oxygen sensor is failing. Onboard diagnostics are standard in modern cars, and the ECM will illuminate the CEL to warn the driver if it finds an oxygen sensor issue.
  • Inefficient Fuel Use: An issue with the oxygen sensor may result in the car consuming more fuel than necessary, which would reduce fuel economy. If you notice a change in your fuel efficiency, along with your check engine light coming on, stop by and talk to our team.
  • Uneven Idling and Subpar Results: A malfunctioning oxygen sensor may cause an imbalance in the air-fuel mixture, which can cause hesitation, rough idling, or a discernible drop in engine performance. In addition, the car might not accelerate as smoothly or might not have as much power.
  • Possible Catalytic Converter Damage: An unresolved oxygen sensor problem may lead to overheating and damage to the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter oversees emissions, and replacing it can be a costly repair.
  • Diminished Engine Life: Ignoring a faulty oxygen sensor can have long-term effects, such as increasing engine component wear and tear. This is because an improper air-fuel combination may require the engine to work harder.

One way to guarantee a vehicle’s longevity and peak performance is through routine maintenance and early detection of warning indications. Contact our team today to learn more.